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Mzangwe Consulting is one of the emerging web technology companies in Gauteng, South Africa that specializes in web-based applications for SMEs. They have established themselves as a trusted and reliable long term partner for many established customers. Mzangwe Consulting web solutions are widely accepted and trusted by SMEs in Gauteng and through crowd source platform Freelancer.

Agile Web Development - ASP.NET MVC 5 and Orchard

We are highly experienced in web application development using ASP.NET MVC web framework. With MVC, we can build and launch a prototype application in an extremely short time. Compared to projects developed using classic ASP, JSP or PHP, we are able to attain a much higher level of productivity with Orchard and can produce a prototype for our clients in a couple of days. We will then tweak the prototype and move forward, from prototype to production.

All members in our team have 6+ year experience Agile Development & Test Driven Development method to provide high-quality yet costeffective applications. We are experienced at solving problems using latest technologies like WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Telerik Controls, NoSQL Database (such as MongoDB), Message Queue, Asynchronous Processing, Cloud Computing (such as Windows Azure).

We respect your time and your budget as we know that they are extremely important to your business. We don't re-invent the wheel for every website project, but we leverage open source technology and solutions whenever appropriate to keep your costs low. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Please let Vinova be the solution to your web applications needs.

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Web Development

Big Data, Cloud Computing & Collective Intelligence

We are experienced at solving problems using latest technologies like Key-Value Storage, NoSQL Database (such as MongoDB), Message, Asynchronous Processing.

Cloud computing has matured from buzzword to a dynamic infrastructure used today by several organizations. In its simplest form, cloud computing consists of shared computing resources that are virtualized and accessed as a service, through an API. The cloud enables users to deploy their applications to a virtual datacenter. Physical resources may reside in a number of locations inside and outside of an organization: on local hardware, in an enterprise data center, or at remote or managed service providers on a pay-to-use basis. Cloud computing resources are offered as a service on an as-needed basis, and delivered by IP-based connectivity, providing highly scalable, reliable on-demand services with agile management capabilities.

Today, forward-thinking business leaders are using the cloud within their enterprise data centers to take advantage of the best practices that cloud computing has established, namely scalability, agility, automation, and resource sharing.

It doesn't matter if you are fast-paced startups, SMEs or enterprises, you can go into cloud with us. We can help you scale your applications easily from one to a thousand machines and process a ton of data within a short period of time. The best part of available cloud services is that you are only billed for what you used. Our team is proud to serve our clients with the latest and most advanced cloud technologies such as Windows Azure, Hadoop, Mahout, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hive, Hbase.

Thanks to cloud computing and user contributed content. We can access and tabulate tons of data from our own databases for other data sources to leverage The Wisdom of Crowds to get in touch with other trends current trends, or to help a client make a better decision, or to extract knowledge from the voices of millions of users. That is the power of Collective intelligence (CI).

If it looks good to you, contact us to see how your web app can utilize cloud computing and collective intelligent to boost your business.

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Cloud Computing