App Development

At Mzangwe Consultning, we specialise in designing and building premium quality mobile applications and software for businesses and individuals. While every company has its own processes, our model is based on traditional software and product engineering, which is described below in detail.

Web Development

1. Consultation

NDA. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a signed formal agreement in which one party agrees to give a second party confidential information about its business or products and the second party agrees not to share this information with anyone else for a specified period of time. We can provide a company NDA or sign your own, before we start to discuss the details of your project.

App Idea Discussion. At this stage you help us define a basic outline for your app idea, so we can get a high level understanding of your requirements and learn more about your app. This process could require multiple meetings, or communication over the phone or via email, depending on the complexity of your project.

Time & Cost Estimate. Then, based on your high level description of your project, we give you a rough project Time & Cost Estimate (just to define the proposed budget degree). Our objective is to define whether the work we are proposing meets your budget limitations and to find an acceptable solution in case your budget lacks the necessary funds.

* PS: We do charge a small preliminary consultation fee for this process. This allows us to spend all the time needed to collect your initial requirements and produce a suitable solution to your project, that is within your budget and on time.

2. Pre-Production

Requirement Analysis. In this phase we take the time to sit with you and go through the details of your project. We then analyse and split all what we’ve collected into functional and technical requirements.

SRS Document (Software Requirements Specification). In this phase we spend 10-40 hours creating a Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document, which includes a detailed list of all the features and components we will be building for your project.

SRS Document includes:

  • App wireframes
  • Target Platform and OS
  • Solution Architecture
  • Functional and nonfunctional requirements
  • Risks & feasibility
  • Deployment Plan
  • Data Modeling
  • And other technical description related to your project

Final Project Time & Cost Estimate. Final Project Time & Cost Estimate defines the exact budget necessary for the app development. It consists of the full project milestones description, specifies the time needed for each milestone development (in man / hours) and final quote for the project.

Product Development Agreement. After you approve the SRS document and proposed Milestone Schedule and before the development starts, it is necessary to sign the Product Development Agreement, in which we fix basic terms and conditions, milestone schedule and pricing for the project being developed.

3. Production

User Interface Design. In this phase we will design the User Interface elements and screens, and cut them up to get them ready for development. This includes:

  • App Icons and loading screens
  • User Interface design and colour scheme
  • Layout designs
  • Graphics cut-ups

Software Development. In this phase we put all the pieces together and develop the app. This process includes:

  • Server setup
  • Backend development (Server)
  • Application development (Client)
  • Social integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)

QA Testing. Following the development phase, Quality Assurance testers intensively test the app and its supporting backend, to ensure aesthetics and software are functioning properly without bugs and errors, and to ensure the quality of the software lifts up to the customer expectations.

4. Post-Production

User Testing & Beta Release. The Beta version implements all full-functional requirements of the app. This process includes the selection of a group of users, which are monitored during testing. At the end of each testing session, user feedback is collected and analysed. Critical issues or bugs in the software get immediately resolved by the developers.

App Deployment. The finished app is released to the respective stores and markets. Typically for an Apple App Store release, the app will go through Apple’s review process, which could take up to 4 weeks for it to be approved and become available in the store.

Maintenance & Support. This phase includes a free 30 days support period, or more, based on the complexity of your project. During that period, we will be available at all times, to ensure the software is running smoothly and all raised issues or bugs get resolved immediately.

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